3 Tips for Creating a Stunning Corporate Video That People Remember

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3 Tips for Creating a Stunning Corporate Video That People Remember

Videos have been undeniably succeeded as a powerful promotional tool in engaging with people compared to other forms of communicating tools. When it comes to creating a corporate video, there are rules that you have to follow even when they don‟t seem too obvious. Let’s face it. The term “Corporate Video” doesn’t sound as exciting as you want it to be. It is crucial to know the purpose of a corporate video and how companies could create a stunning corporate video that never leaves consumers‟ minds.

1. Know your company

A corporate video is all about the identity of your company and the way you engage with your customers. It reflects your brand. Before executing the plan of creating a corporate video, it is so important to have a clear understanding on what your company does, what kind of services your company offers and what are your company‟s goals. The last thing you want to do is portray your company wrongly in a corporate video.

2. Brainstorm your ideas

Creating a corporate video can be overwhelming in the beginning stage. You might be nervous on what to do or your head might be filled with too many ideas. Keep focus on the purpose of making a corporate video and note down all the possible ideas before you narrow it down to the relevant ones. You should decide on what kind of style you want your corporate video to be. It could be an explainer video or a corporate training tutorial. It is good to know which path your corporate video is directed to. This will help your corporate video to deliver a clear message and it could also serve as an inspiration to more corporate videos you create in the future.

3. Bring out the storyteller in you

Yes you want your corporate to be directed to the right targeted audiences. Yes you want to tick all the boxes on how it should deliver the information. And yes you want your corporate video to be as perfect as possible. But what most business companies forget is that the corporate video should connect with people. It needs to have the „Wow‟ factor. In simpler
word, it should be entertaining. Have a story in your corporate video. A story your customers can relate themselves to. Choose a fun typography or consider having an animated corporate video so that it could be eye-catching. Make sure your corporate video is consistent because it resembles the core values of your company.

Regarding corporate videos, creating one is easy but maintaining the quality and engagement is the difficult part. The key here is finding that delicate balance. You can create a great video without losing your company‟s authenticity. If you are creating a corporate video for the first time or doubting yourself, consider hiring a corporate video production company who understands what you are trying to achieve through the video and help you to create a content that makes your ideas come to life. At the end of the day you are creating the corporate video to provide a better exposure for your company and to be prepared for the glory days.


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