Increase Your Sales Team's Knowledge & Drive Business Results

Continuous training of your sales team can result in measurable growth in business. Use videos to train them and also measure their understanding with an assessment process linked to the training videos online. Deliver your training videos in an uncluttered and distraction-free branded portal and drive results. 

What is a Training Video Sequence & Why Do You Need It?

Training your sales staff can be an investment that has one of the best ROIs. But how do you do that at scale and under the current situation?

Having professionally produced training videos can bridge the gap and also allow you to measure your team's strengths and weaknesses through a carefully designed assessment module.

Training videos can bring your sales teams up to mark in a very short period of time and help them learn about your business or products remotely.

A well-planned video training series can help you cut costs and reduce time to go to market.

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How To Create A Training Video Series That Increases Sales Efficiency

Step 1

Our video experts will guide you to create a series of training video concepts suited to your specific needs. We will help you design the assessment areas and develop the right script to go with each of your videos.

Step 2

Our video editors will then develop the videos using animation, live shoot with models, or even edit out portions from your existing videos to create the training videos. We can also record and edit your own presentations to be included in certain section to drive home the right messages.

Step 3

We will render out videos and deliver the compressed files for easy distribution or upload them on your dedicated landing pages. Training videos would be uploaded on a video distribution platform without any distractions or advertisements with your own branding.

Step 4

You can now send these videos to your sales teams via emails and can also make them password protected. Assessments can be linked-to watch and response rates and can be measured on a dashboard.

Training Video Statistics


increase in sales closing can be achieved by effective sales coaching


of business buyers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor


it takes 10 months or more for a new sales rep to be fully productive


of companies say productivity would improve with better process, skills, or competency training


of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively



We are a video content making and video consulting agency that helps companies to convert their business communication, marketing campaigns, and documents into videos, thereby increasing the content efficacy exponentially.

Since Video is becoming one of the most critical communication tools across companies including B2B; our expertise and knowledge allow us to get engaged at the drawing board discussion stage and come up with worthwhile video marketing and communication solutions.

Additionally, we assist our clients in measuring the impact of their video-investments and implement best practices



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