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Email video newsletters are incredibly effective to create a relationship with your customers and keeping stakeholders informed about the happenings of your organization. Email newsletters with videos have a high open and click-through rate and can boost your company’s reputation and drive sales.

What Is Video Newsletters & Why Do You Need It?

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to keep your customers coming back to your website repeatedly and build a channel to build trust.

When coupled with videos, company newsletters become even more powerful as people are more inclined to click and watch as compared to reading text.

Your customers receive an email to watch a video about your company's happenings and product updates. Strategically placed clickable buttons right on the news sections can then guide viewers to your specific pages and provide more information.

For starters, video newsletters ensure more customers click on the links and watch enabling you to make your time investments effective. It has also been proven to generate much higher response rates, click-throughs, and anticipated business outcomes.

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How To Create Video Newsletters And Share With Your Customers

Step 1

Our video experts will guide you to create a sequence of video newsletters that you can send across to your customers on a regular basis based on your communication strategy.

Step 2

Depending on the frequency of newsletters, our producers will then produce the videos from footages and images you supply, stock images & clips, animation, and text supers.

Step 3

We will render out all the videos and place them on your custom platform with clickable buttons that take the viewers to your website or landing pages.

Step 4

You and your sales teams can now send these videos to your customers via email marketing or share them on social media platforms. We can also help you send out emails and report back on opens and click-throughs.

Video Newsletter Statistics


more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter


people who make purchases marketed through emails spend 138% more than people who do not receive emails


of marketers use email marketing to disseminate their content


adding videos to your email can increase click rates


of consumers said that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands



We are a video content making and video consulting agency that helps companies to convert their business communication, marketing campaigns, and documents into videos, thereby increasing the content efficacy exponentially.

Since Video is becoming one of the most critical communication tools across companies including B2B; our expertise and knowledge allow us to get engaged at the drawing board discussion stage and come up with worthwhile video marketing and communication solutions.

Additionally, we assist our clients in measuring the impact of their video-investments and implement best practices



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