Personalized Videos

Drive higher customer engagement and make sure they sit-up and take notice through strategically designed Personalized Videos to each and every-one of your customers. Whether you have 100s or 1,000s of customers, we help you deliver impactful communication through personalized videos that cut through the clutter and make an impact.

What is Personalized Video & Why Do You Need It?

people get attracted to personalized corporate videos

We all love it when we are addressed by our names, that's why personalized gifts, direct mailers & emails (with recipient's name) work much better than generic ones.

Now imagine having the power of personalization in your business videos!

Each customer receives an unique video with their name strategically and creatively placed at predetermined intervals - urging them to a CTA or emphasizing a specific piece of communication.

For starters, personalization ensures most viewers watch the entire video. It has also been proven to generate much higher response rates, click-throughs, and anticipated business outcomes.

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The above video is used here only as a sample for explanatory purposes

How To Create Personalized Videos For Your Next Camapign

Step 1

Our video experts will guide you to create a beautifully crafted video message with personalization elements like customer name or company name in it or edit an existing video from your library

Step 2

Our video producers will then create the video with animation, stock footages, or even live shoots as per your video concept and storyboard

Step 3

We will render out all the unique videos by combining data points from spreadsheets and merging them with video editing software and deliver the compressed files for easy distribution

Step 4

You and your sales teams can now send these videos to your customers via WhatsApp or Email marketing. We also develop customized platforms for our clients to effectively distribute and analyze outcomes

Video Personalization Statistics


of marketers agree that personalization helps to advance customer relationships


Personalized Videos have 16 times higher click-to-open rates than other videos shared via emails


increase in unique click-throughs happen when personalized video are used in an email


of customers say that personalization influences their brand loyalty


of consumers are more inclined to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience



We are a video content making and video consulting agency that helps companies to convert their business communication, marketing campaigns, and documents into videos, thereby increasing the content efficacy exponentially.

Since Video is becoming one of the most critical communication tools across companies including B2B; our expertise and knowledge allow us to get engaged at the drawing board discussion stage and come up with worthwhile video marketing and communication solutions.

Additionally, we assist our clients in measuring the impact of their video-investments and implement best practices



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