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Explainer Videos – The New Buzz Word in Web Based Marketing

Explainer Videos are an effective tool to showcase your product, business or service in a manner, which generates interest and humanises your offering.

Be it a new medical device, an innovative concept, a business presentation to prospective investors or your company-story, Explainer Videos ensure your target audience’s full attention.

Studies have shown that we retain much more information when we see things as compared to hearing them.
Research showed that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they have seen a video. That’s a sure shot way to convince your customers isn’t it?

In fact, when you link a video to your mail, chances are very high that the recipient would click on the video rather than read through your mail.

Explainer Videos normally say your story within one to two minutes. This means you have to be sharp and simple.

This is your story in the elevator, the short coffee break, the walk to the car park! You can grab your customer’s attention in places you never though of before.

BTW, 3 out of 4 people these days carry their mobiles to the toilet…imagine making your pitch even there!!

As more and more people watch videos online, Explainer Videos are a necessity for companies to help them tell their stories. Explainer Videos are the super sales people, which work 24x7x365.

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