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How to use YouTube for B2B Marketing?

If you search for “latex glove manufacturing process”, you would get a video “Ansell Glove Manufacturing Process” at a high ranking on the first page of

Videos like this don’t need a huge budget to make and they can be relatively simple to produce.

The main thing is that they need to be useful and informative.

Remember that such videos aren’t intended to go viral; they exist purely to inform your customers.

B2B companies can create such videos on a wide range of topics and upload on YouTube.

To start developing such videos, the first step is to think of what your customers might like to see and get more information about.

Would they like to learn about how the manufacturing process works? Or how do they can improve their processes by your service? Or perhaps they’d like to know how to use your products?

Whatever be their questions, answering these questions can demonstrate your knowledge to customers, so they see you as a trusted adviser.

There are various reasons why businesses use YouTube for marketing.

These include using it to:

  • Show product demonstrations
  • Introduce customers to the company
  • Share customer testimonials
  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Show the brand’s personality
  • Solve problems for customers

Whatever you choose to make videos about, make sure that they reflect your brand. If your business is serious and formal, using a style that is funny or quirky might not work for your brand persona.

Like with all digital marketing strategies, make sure that you begin by determining your goals, so you can decide what you need to measure.

Consider what you want to achieve from your YouTube channel. Do you want more customers, create your brand image or awareness, or create links to your website?

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