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Personalized interactive videos

Personalized and Interactive Videos are here!

Video Marketing Today

Have you heard of personalized and interactive videos? If not then read on. It’s hardly a revelation to say that online video content is phenomenally popular. But with saturation creeping in, our attention spans are going down. Today we are watching only a few seconds of a video and then moving to the next one. This is making it difficult to get results from video marketing.

Nonetheless, videos still remain the most effective tool – and there is definitely more we can do with it.

The limitations of video

Videos in the current format aren’t quite the perfect storytelling device yet. It’s close but fails in two simple areas: Personalization & Interactivity.

The next level of video marketing – Personalization & Interactivity

It’s now possible to reach out to each and every customer individually through Personalized and interactive videos. We can address them by name, have dynamic information for each customer and also make the videos interactive. This means they can click areas of the screen to define their own journey on a personalized and interactive video. Most importantly, they can answer questions, complete forms, buy products, download content and more – without leaving the player window.


Personalized interactive videos

how personalised video looks like



Like all new technology, personalized and interactive videos started as a sort of “fringe” technology. It seemed slightly intimidating, inaccessible and, most importantly, unaffordable. But, that’s changing fast. Costs are falling, businesses are getting inspired and the technology is increasingly becoming available and accessible.

Industries such as Insurance, Telecom & Banking are fast adopting personalized and interactive videos and getting great results.


Personalized interactive videos enable a novel storytelling by putting customer data to work and creating unique videos tailored for each individual viewer. Every video includes a clear call-to-action. Marketers can now drive the viewer to respond and act through interactive options. This is the most efficient way to turn views into desired results.

Some applications of personalized and interactive videos:

  • Onboarding of New Customers
  • Activation
  • Up-selling & Cross-Selling of New Products
  • Customer Education
  • Exclusive communications with high-value customers
  • Whether you want to increase your sales, educate your customers and avoid service calls, or simply thank them in a special way, Personalized & Interactive Videos can be a great tool.

Welcome to the next level of video marketing – Personalization & Interactivity

To know more about Personalized & Interactive Videos, call us today +60 1123140903 or fill up the contact form and we will get back to you.

Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd. is an agency partner for Vintom – one of the global pioneers in personalized interactive video technology

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