Ecological Documentary Video

Concept Development, Script Development, Storyboarding, Animation, Aerial Shoot, Live Shoot, Interviews, Post Production
Creative Team
Jabastin, Muru, Boris, Venissa
Aerial Video
Deb, Jabastin
DJI Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Long Term Time Lapse

About Central Forest Spine

The Federal Government of Malaysia has two plans in place for helping to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services. The CFS Master Plan (CFSMP), formulated following the first National Physical Plan (NPP) aims to increase the integrity of the CFS through conserving and rehabilitating critical linkages in between each complex. The successful completion of the CFS project in these landscapes will enhance and strengthen current efforts to implement the CFS Master Plan and will provide an example for best practice for sustainable landscape management elsewhere in Malaysia and beyond.

The Requirement

To fast-track, government funding for ecological projects related to the Central Forest Spine, Wild Asia, and Nottingham University approached Neon to develop a documentary highlighting the challenges faced by the ecological teams on the ground.

This required close working with various ecological project teams and Neon’s in-house video production team. The project involved the team traveling extensively to locations that had limited access to the internet and electricity. The video was developed using aerial shots and whiteboard-style animation.

The Result

The video was very well accepted by all the stakeholders and helped multiple agencies to showcase their efforts in executing the infrastructure projects around the Central Forest Spine to the government agencies. The ecological team of MEME (Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants) published the video on their YouTube channel and garnered a high viewership leading to public awareness and support for the project.