Video Project Documentation

Video Consulting, Creative Ideation, Script Development, Storyboard, Shoot, Editing, Talent
Creative Team
Jabastin, Muru, Boris, Venissa, Anabelle, Sun
Aerial Videography
Anabelle, Sun, Jabasitin, Muru
DJI Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Long Term Time Lapse

About Tera Projects & Shipping

Tera Projects and Shipping is one of the leading logistics and project management companies in Malaysia which specializes in heavy cargo shipping & management. Tera has been offering its services to various Malaysian and global companies for over 15 years.

The Requirement

Every project which involves moving heavy cargo over land or sea, involves multiple steps to be completed in a synchronized manner. Exhibiting the critical steps which leads to a successful project completion to a prospective client can help Tera to communicate their project management expertise and establish them as a suitable partner. Since 2016, Tera has been working with Neon to document each of their projects and create documentaries to exhibit to existing and prospective clients. Every project documentary requires detailed planning and customization which is handled by Neon.

Technologies like long-term time lapse shooting using solar powered camera and cloud-based file transfers, aerial shooting for prolonged periods as well as ground level video shoots are used to record the complex projects.

The Result

Tera Projects and Shipping has observed an increase in successful bids owing to the videos developed by Neon. The videos help as sales enablers for Tera as well as for lead generation. Online distribution of the videos on industry portals and online magazines related to shipping and heavy cargo management has helped Tera generate enquiries from global clients and also work with synergistic partners.