Videos For Demand Generation

Concept Development, Script Development, Storyboarding, Animation, Aerial Shoot, Live Shoot, Interviews, editing & Post Production
Creative Team
Jabastin, Muru, Boris, Venissa
3D Modeling & Animation
Siva & Gladys
After Effects, Premiere Pro, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya

About Pacific Inter-Link

Pacific Inter-Link is one of the largest palm oil manufacturer and exporter operating from Malaysia and Indonesia. Its fast-moving consumer goods division operates out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and exports to Africa, Middle East and Asia. The division with more than USD 175 million in sales has been successfully manufacturing and distributing household brands like SABA, JULIET, MEDITWIST and MILGRO.

The Requirement

To reach out to the consumers across multiple markets in Africa, Middle East and Asia, Pacific Inter-Link needed to constantly communicate through videos over digital and mobile platforms. With mobile penetration increasing in African markets, it was imperative to tap the consumers over these platforms. However, there was challenges to video production as they needed the videos to be dubbed in multiple languages like Arabic, French and Portuguese. The team of Neon has been commissioned since 2015 to deliver a constant stream of video communications to increase brand awareness and generate demand.

The Result

The videos developed by Neon has been helping Pacific Inter-Link to communicate to their potential customers over mobile platforms in a much more interesting and cost-effective manner. The company could reduce its TV media budgets by more than 50% and are able to reach out to the consumers on a real time basis. This has helped in introducing brand extensions and new products at a breakneck pace, which otherwise would have taken much longer to achieve. Today the company is able to reach out to more than 11 million consumers every month in Africa, Middle East and Asia through various digital platforms.