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Read This Post Before Your Sign Up With A Corporate Video Production Agency

After hours of meetings and discussions, you’ve finally convinced your marketing and communications team of the value of video. You’re working on your first video marketing plan, have a great concept and strong goals. But you need to find the right video production company to make that plan happen.

Choosing the right production company can be an overwhelming task, especially if this is your first foray into video. But don’t worry! If you approach the process step by step, you’ll find the perfect video partner for your project. 

Step 1: Have a Look At The Portfolio

Portfolios are a great place to start your search from. Having a production company which can handle multiple styles of video production is definitely more suitable. Most videos today needs animation, live shoots, motion graphics as well as 3d modeling.

While checking the portfolio, you are also checking for the type of companies the production agency is used to working with. Are they corporates, A-List Clients, industry expertise, entertainment or business?

Step 2: Check Out The Team & Client Testimonials 

What do their clients speak about their video production capabilities?

Video production is a team work. No one person is able to pull out a complete video from start to finish. Hence it is very important to understand who all are part of the team of the production house and their capabilities.

Step 3: The Process

Does the production house follow a process to develop their videos? or is it more of a fluid process. Something like – we will figure out as we go ahead does not work most of the time. Professionalism comes from proper planning and perfect execution.

“At Neon Videos we have developed a tried and tested business video production process, to make your journey as seamless as possible”

The process of video production starts with gathering all the information about your business operation, the reason for producing the video and the expected call to action or CTA. This is followed by a concept document, which helps to articulate the objectives of your video. This document is extremely useful when shared within the organisation or departments so that all stakeholders are on the same page. The timeline for the project as well as the budget is also determined mutually during this stage.

Once the research is complete and the concept is approved, we move to develop the script. The script is the backbone of the video and a simple clear communication is desirable for most corporate videos. The script is sent to you for your inputs before it is finalised and singed off. A visualiser now develops a storyboard to illustrate each spoken word in the script and emphasise the highlights. For animated videos the storyboard is very detailed while for shoots it is used as a guide for the DOP.

The shoot involves recce of the locations, identifying the best spots to shoot, lighting and camera selection. On the day of the shoot our teams would arrive at your location and guide you through the process. For animated videos, the production process starts with designing each frame and them compositing them on a voice over or music. We work with an array of talents across the world for voice recording, who can meet specific pronunciation & accent requirements of our clients.

This is where your video comes to life and the final edits are made. Since several different footage clips are connected together, colour corrections are a must. So is stabilising some of the footage and cleaning up of unwanted sections. This is a time consuming process as 4 to 5 hrs of footage is sieved through to make a 4-minutes edit. Finally, the special effects, supers and texts are added on and the video is rendered in FULL HD format.

Step 4: The Cost

Costing for video production is something of an enigma. The cost of Video Production depends on several factors such as

The Treatment or Production Value:

What is the video for? For example, a video on “Heres how to assemble our new line of DIY Sofas” needs a very different treatment to “Why Our Business Partners Love Our Services” Video. No video is created same

Pre-Production – It’s easy to assume that making a video is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much foresight or thought during pre-production. Well, some videos might not require a great deal of pre-production planning, however, if you are trying to make something creative, innovative or eye-catching, it does require a whole range of pre-production work to be done even before shooting starts. These include Concept Creation, Proposal Writing, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Talent Auditions etc. In a nut-shell all these cost time and money which would be part of the video project. Look at the Process which is followed by the production company before you decide

Number of Shoot Days & Location of the shoot – The cost of the video to be developed is directly related to the number of days of shoot that is involved and the traveling time to reach these locations.

Animation/Special Effects & Post Production – The time required for animation, adding special effects, cleaning of footages, music & voice over requirements have to be considered before the final product is released. Production houses which have an in-house team of animators & editors have an advantage on the costing over these elements of cost.

That brings us back to the question which you must be still having in mind. How much will my video cost? Well, once again there is no simple answer to this. See our Pricing Packages here

There are, however, 3 simple steps which you can control Costs at your end:

No.1 – Fix a budget and communicate that to your production house. You might be thinking at this point of time, what if I have a budget of RM50,000 and tell it to the production house, they will come back with a budget of RM50,000! Consider this, what if you don’t spell out your budget? The production house might propose a video which costs RM100,000, which you can’t afford anyway leading to waste of time. Or they might offer you a video proposal with a production quality of only RM 10,000, which of course you do not want. Isn’t it better to spell out your maximum limit so that your chosen production company knows the quality and time they should invest? Think about it, you are not expecting to make a RM50,000 video at a RM10,000 cost right!

NO. 2 – Give your production house a reference video to work with. Most professional video production houses would be able to come up with a cost estimation just by looking at the quality of an existing video. The video production company which is looking for a long-term relationship with you can then even guide you on the budgeting of the video and suggest how to improve on it.

No. 3 – Finally, you can get 2-3 quotes from different vendors. When seeking multiple bids, it’s difficult to compare just the bottom line. You must take into consideration many different elements, such as:

Fit (do I see myself getting along with these people?)

Portfolio (can I trust that they can complete the job at the level I need?)

Conversation (are they listening to my needs?)

Structure (do they have a process in place to get my project done on time?)

It’s important to remember that, when buying video production, design or another form of consulting, you’re buying professional services and not a product. Hence you would have to make a judgment based on the quality of service and professionalism to come to a price point.

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