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Get really cool animated videos made by professionals who will take care of all aspects of production - or just convert your PowerPoint deck to a video; our video production packages covers all your needs

Animated Video Pricing Packages

Simple & transparent pricing for animated videos - hassle free video production @ unbelievable prices

Animated Video Package


What if the video is longer or shorter than package rate?

Extra time is billed at a flat rate RM 15 per second. No discount for lesser duration.

How long will it take to make the video?

2 weeks from start to finish

Do you also do video shooting?

Yes we do video shooting including drone shooting. Please see add-on services.

Will you develop a concept for the video?

Yes we will give you a concept based on your ideas and brief and work with you / your marketing to develop the video till your satisfaction

Who will do the voiceover?

A professional voice over artist – we will send 5 auditions for you to select from

I need animation + some real life stock footage shots; can you provide?

We can add stock footages to make the video more attractive @ RM 50 per clip.



Corporate video production agency clients list of Neon Videos

Video Email Marketing

Email marketing with videos can increase open rates and CTA greatly. Video production for email marketing involves an in-depth understanding of the marketing strategy and communication goals. Analytics also play a major role as they can be measured on CTAs and watch time

Explainer Videos

Videos are much better understood and remembered compared to presentations and documents. The video production of explainer videos involves custom made animation that can make a complex subject easy to understand

Corporate Greeting Videos

Corporate greetings videos sent via mobile have very high open and engagement rates. The video production of corporate greetings videos is different from corporate or marketing videos. It needs to have a viral theme and catchy tune

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos can reduce the cost of carrying heavy equipment to give a demonstration. The video production of product demo videos needs a very high understanding of the product’s benefits and features which we achieve through learning

Personalized Videos

Now you can send personalized information line name, company name etc. embedded in videos to individual customers. This kind of video production requires creative as well as technical teams to work together. Neon is one of the very few companies in SEA offering Personalized Videos to its clients

Newsletter Videos

A company newsletter converted into a video bulletin can lead to higher engagement and recall. The video production of newsletters requires an in-depth understanding of our clients’ news updates and achievements. Our content teams work closely with our clients to curate and develop ideas for newsletter video production

Product Training Videos

Using videos to conduct product training can reduce training costs and increase compliance. The video production process for developing training videos involves an in-depth understanding of the training materials and product benefits and features. We also offer Safety Training Video Production 

Localized Videos

Translation and dubbing of global videos can lead to better understanding in different markets. Our video production services offer translation and dubbing in more than 50 languages across the world. We have a team of qualified voiceover artists who are on call for any video production project in any language 

Why choose us as your video production agency

We offer our clients the best video production services at an affordable cost. When companies work with us, they do not have to hire creative professionals who are experienced in video production. We are well versed in all aspects of video production for businesses.  With very little effort from our clients, we are able to develop video production concepts,  scripts, and storyboards. This reduces the time taken for video production as well as the cost associated with it. We help our clients to create their corporate videos on time and on budget – with very little effort from them

video production agency With Experience in B2B and B2C

Our video production expertise extends over many industries including banking & finance, IT, FMCG, healthcare, education, logistics, electronics, and engineering. Apart from video production, we also offer our clients video marketing services to get the best ROI from their video production investments. This includes video email marketing, video newsletter, interactive videos, localisation or dubbing of existing videos, creating 3D demo videos and training videos. Overall when our clients work with Neon Videos, they get a full-service video production and distribution service at their disposal. 

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If you are planning for a video production in the near future, please do talk to us for a free consultation. We are happy to help you with your video production initiative. Be it video production involving live shoot, animation, 3D or any technology we are able to offer our clients the best cost efficiencies. Our video marketing services can help you get the desired results from your video production investments including widespread distribution, interactivity, engagement, and higher CTR. Send us your details along with a brief message about your video production plans and we shall get back to you soon.

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