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We are one of the best video agencies in Malaysia, and we are not the ones saying that. Our video production company is developed on a model of customer success. We understand your pain points while developing your videos with an external video production agency. At Neon, we have tried to simplify this entire process and made it seamless – to ensure your success.

Looking for a video production agency? If so, look no more

We understand that you are spoilt for choices when you are looking for a video production agency. In fact, anyone with a video camera can claim to be video production agency. But whom to believe and how to decide on the right video production agency?

When it comes to deciding on working with a video production agency, we understand the challenges you face. You have to develop a creative piece of communication that needs to convey your brand values, bring out the key messages of your business and speak to your audience in an entertaining and engaging way. Finding the right video production company which can do all this within a short period of time and a tight budget might seem daunting.

Welcome to Neon, ‘your’ video production agency

We are passionate about video production. From conceptualizing a video to delivering the final output, we make sure that you are in total control. It’s like having your own internal video production team and being their ‘boss’ – a team who would make sure that your video production project is hassle-free and a complete success. Our video production team specializes in creating videos that help simplify complex products and services, bring in an element of fun and humanize your business communication into engaging stories. Since 2015, our video production agency has been producing custom-made videos for our esteemed clients – both multinationals and Malaysian companies and delivering high-quality videos, every time.

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