How To Communicate Your Brand Values Through A Corporate Video

Brand video is an excellent way to communicate your company values to your customers. What is brand value? It encompasses a firm’s basic set of building principles and rules, or what the company as a whole believes in. Brand video or corporate brand video allows Companies to better explain their beliefs, traits, and goals to customers. Leadership, quality, justice, and even sustainability are examples of brand values. Reaching out via a brand video will keep your brand visible and collaborating with platforms even provides maximum brand lift and awareness.

Power of a Brand video

All statistics say that video has become one of the most effective forms of communication. Video helps companies expand their audience base and attract viewers to their website and social media pages. In fact, 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media, according to Animoto. This is largely due to one simple fact; it’s extremely easy to consume! It’s a very passive experience, and the more we can do to remove friction from information consumption, the more is consumed.

Brand videos can help you to better define and explain your brand in a potentially viral way, and they’re a little like explainer videos designed to help you stand apart from all the competition.

We could go on and on about the benefits of video, but we’ll end it with this simple point: using a video to communicate your values means you can show the result of those values. With a targeted Brand video you can show the happy workforce, you can showcase the impact on the community, you can really communicate the ‘why’ behind the ‘why’!

Types of Branded Video

Expressing the uniqueness of your brand can take many forms. At Neon we strongly believe it is about creating quality content that is engaging and valuable to the right audience. Strong branded video campaigns can take a lot of different forms, and there’s so much creative room to produce content that speaks to your target audience.

There are a number of video strategies you can use to communicate values, and you’ll have to choose the one which best suits your organisation, budget and time restraints. We’re going to focus on a few different strategies in this blog, that will help you identify what depicts you best, and at what occasion/s. Because there is no stopping on adding different styles, as long as your voice and tone reaches the audience without causing any confusion.

  1. Brand song – A broad, sweeping overview of the essence of the brand and mission.  It is professionally done, and is meant to inspire and build long lasting brand equity.  1-3 minutes in length, however, can be used modularly for different occasions and platforms.
  2. The Company Presentation Video – In this type of brand video, you communicate the company mission, value statement and core values. The approach is time tested old fashioned. It is similar to the face-to-face presentations that were commonplace in business, but in a much more engaging, exciting and real way. You can use bold statements or question format which lead to the core messages you would like to communicate. You can choose a mix of senior execs and team members to tell the story of the company; this mixture of staff will provide a more authentic viewing experience.
  3. Brand Profile – In contract to the company presentation video, Brand profile video is detailed, fast paced storytelling that cuts to the chase in communicating your brands competitive advantages.  May or may not include animation or infographics, if you find it challenging.  It often includes on camera interviews with senior executives. Popular choice is 1-2 minutes.
  4. A ‘Day-in-the-Life’ Video – This type of brand video chosen by more daring, and younger companies, who do not shy away from adding some style, personality and liveliness to their brand video. It is a more employee-focused video, similar in style to a video blog, which focuses on a day in the life of an employee. You add this human touch, and it increases conversion way faster than any other mode.
  5. Product Video – A shorter piece of content: 30- 60 seconds in length that focuses exclusively on communicating how your brand’s product and/or service and its benefits. It is short, hence can be flashed on multiple media simultaneously without getting boring.
  6. Testimonial – This definitely is a powerful strategy for offering proof of your brand. From-the-heart first person interviews with credentialed people or influencers who have tried and liked your brand.   Your customers tell others why your brand is worthy, and convince new customers!
  7. The Values-Manifested Video – This is a video strategy which showcases the company values being manifested in real life. This could be an event, a charity push or a real life story. Highlight the goals and how your employees, or people reached it in real time. A brand video is not always supposed to sell or convince users to buy, so your end goal is to leave an impression about your brand. An impression that makes them want to learn more about you or do business with you.
  8. Lastly, Training & Educational videos – these are focused on delivering a particular curriculum to employees or trainees.

So what next? Well, the first thing is to ensure you have your company values defined and ready for communication.

Next, decide what your goal is: talent attraction or customer acquisition, or persuasion to buy more of your product or service. You may attract them first and foremost with graphics. A decent colour palette, typography, and cinematography will add value to your video.

Then, you may hook them in with your words, which is where brand values come into play. This way you will present your message in the way it best suits your ideals.  Finally, decide on a video strategy (ies) that you want to use. Will you go for the company presentation style, or perhaps the real life story? Whichever type you choose from the above, we say you personalise it! The thing to consider if you are going to create a brand video is sharing your own story. Be it your hobbies, loved ones, career, favourite songs and movies, how you first set up your business, or whatever matters to you, your clients will love it.

If you want a hand choosing an appropriate strategy or want to just pick our brains on what could work for your company, connect with us at