How To Get More Views On YouTube For Your Corporate Video 

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Marketing via Corporate videos is the most professional way to get the attention of your audience and engage them. The demand for corporate videos is increasing and by keeping up with it, your company builds trust with your viewers. Your company can share valuable information through corporate videos in a short span of time. This can help increase your chances of getting leads and potential customers. By incorporating corporate videos into your email and social media marketing campaigns, you can increase your engagement and sales as well.

Corporate Videos are the route to visual storytelling. It’s the place to showcase your professional passion and drive that will inspire your viewers to take action. With a robust YouTube marketing strategy, you are surely adding to your Brand’s outreach.

Of all the platforms for corporate videos, YouTube is most effective and popular.

YouTube helped people and companies to upload long-form educational videos, it was even rewarding videos that passed the 10-minute mark. However, with the growing dynamics of competition (Facebook watch and live streams, Instagram IGTV, LinkedIn stories, Twitter videos, and more), it was becoming an overwhelming overlap. Lots of trends have changed hands in the past two years due to the pandemic. 

Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends survey shows that businesses prefer short-form videos too. Nearly 40% of respondents said that they use short-form video to sell products/services.

Generally, a company will start with putting their corporate video on their homepage, and on YouTube. Once you have success with your corporate video on one platform, try it on others. Mould it, shorten it for Instagram reels audience, and even TikTok if you please. Put a short format of your corporate video on these, and divert the audience to your website. On the other platforms though, you can use paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have listed the decline of organic reach as their #1 challenge. The same goes for the BIG number of pandemic driven freelancers and self-starters who flocked all social media platforms with their videos, well, in order to survive. It’s time to re-strategize!

1. Define your target audience. Your corporate video has to ‘educate and entertain’. Educate the audience and your potential customers about what you do, how you do, and your work ethic. Highlight your brand in an entertaining manner. 

2. The decline of organic reach calls for some smart laid out tricks. Create engaging, must-see video previews (with titles and thumbnails). These elements will definitely get more views on YouTube. Include a narrator, include text in the thumbnail and make it really attractive.

3. A brief request or in-video animation at the beginning (or throughout) of a video can be a subtle call-to-action for the subscription. 

4. Make your corporate videos more watch-friendly for all of YouTube, by using subtitles. It will help to reach even non-native viewers.

5. Consider the fact that more than 70% of YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices. For reaching people that might be watching muted on smartphones, correct captions encourage those viewers to stick around.

6. Edit, fast forward or add some spice to the short form of your corporate video to suit the need of other platform viewers. Eventually, they should be willing to watch the complete video on YouTube. 

7. Use video clips for further reach on Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. Shared Clips will play on loop on whichever platform you share it. And viewers can easily access the full video if they want to watch more.

8. Promote your corporate Videos on Other Social Channels. If you have followers on other social channels, let them know when you upload a new video to YouTube.

9. Optimize your corporate videos for searchability – which means including relevant keywords in your title, tags and thumbnail. Make a crisp video description including keyword phrases.

10. Embed your corporate video in your individual product pages, your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, your emailer and newsletter to promote beyond YouTube.

11. Improve customer experience. For example, your company has an elaborate step process for user engagement or an elaborate app process. Enhance their experience by creating YouTube Clips highlighting relevant sections of the video. It is like a short ‘show and tell’ and of course, they can watch the longer video at their convenience.

12. Enhance channel visibility in Google search. Your clipped videos can also show up in relevant search results on Google. For the Clips to show up in relevant searches, use the right keywords in the description.

13. Encourage your viewers to subscribe, and ask their opinion on what they would like to know. You can also give options –‘should we upload a how-to-use-the-app video OR would you like to know more of our sustainable products?’ Two clicks are enough, the viewers like minimal effort. 

14. Once they have subscribed, thank them and then ask for personalized choices based on their demographics.

15. Create playlists. YouTube’s own statistics show that “top-performing brands on YouTube build and promote twice as many playlists as the bottom 25%.” if your content is good, viewers will often keep watching. Playlists can also help improve search rankings.

16. Promote Other Videos with End Screens and Cards. An end screen is a dedicated frame that you can place at the end of your videos to wrap things up, and highlight calls to action. Cards are a tool that you can set to pop up anytime in the video. You can set these to direct people to another video or playlist, or you can create a poll card which is a great way to ask viewers what they’d like to see more of (tip number 12).

17. Add a Watermark to Your Videos. Generally, brands use their logo on the right end of their corporate videos. When a viewer hovers their mouse over a watermark, it prompts them to subscribe or takes them to the website with a click.

18. Enable the embedding option for your corporate video. Allowing viewers to embed your video on their websites and blogs is an effective way for your brand to reach new audiences and get more views on YouTube.

The important thing here is that you’ll have to monitor the responses and results carefully. For sustained growth in corporate video views and leads, use analytics to drive your next move.

YouTube’s algorithm is complex, but the most important thing to understand is that it’s heavily based on ‘Watch Time.’ Watch Time is how much time people spend actually watching your videos. YouTube is a community in itself. The better your video quality, the more watch time minutes you will earn for your brand. Your YouTube channel can also earn ‘watch time credits’ for referring viewers to other videos. It’s basically like affiliate marketing. In the same way, ask relevant brands to refer your video on their channel. 

Your corporate video needs a unique image of your company and brand that sets you apart from the competition and the world. Allow Neon to be part of your image building via a smashing corporate video.  Reach out to and we’ll create the best video content for you!