How to Increase Sales by Using Sales Videos 

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Pitching your idea or boosting up sales, videos are another engaging way to reach out to your audience. A sales video can tell your story in an emotional and dramatic way – fast work in a shorter duration! Because a sales video includes text and visuals and a unique story that your product or service is displaying. A good sales video can translate to a higher audience engagement, memory of message and response rate as compared to other forms of media.

“93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.” – Animoto’s 2018 State of Social Video Report

If you haven’t yet added using Sales Video into your marketing mix, this is absolutely the right time to start! If you haven’t done it yet, you might feel overwhelmed with my advice asking you to add a digital media category to an already time-consuming list.  But here’s the thing – you can’t negate the power of a sweet, effective, really short video.

So let’s start with what you already have.

1. Newsletter with Video
Say you’ve been sending out an email or newsletter on a monthly or quarterly basis to your channel partners or subscribers already. Incorporating a sales video in the letter is a great way to introduce a new product (or SKU) or service from you, and/or to persuade your audience to try it. Instead of informing them about the new improved product or service and asking them to wait for a presentation, or launch or diverting them to a website, you can use this multimedia tool to bring it all together in one. It Saves time saves energy and informs the captive audience in one go!

The video can be a teaser or a PowerPoint presentation with a few crisp slides along with a voice-over. You can use a whiteboard, illustrations or cartoons, or just fun emojis. Video can be short or long, ranging from 1 minute to 15 minutes, or even more. Depends on what you need to convey.

Like one research-based company used to send a quarterly newsletter to update the present and potential customers, their investors, their partners, about what was achieved in the past 3 months, and what they could look forward to in the coming quarter. Putting all the stills together from past activities into a video and playing a voice over with the CEO herself informing about past successes and plans – is an excellent way to reach out personally!

When your target consumer is willing to watch the complete video, there is guaranteed retention and a higher chance of sharing as well. In the above case, an investor (who is not a direct buyer but a very important supporter) receives a good confirmation via the content video that the company who they are investing in is serious, and is making efforts to deliver what they promised.

2. Sales Videos on Different Platforms – Check your social media analytics and website analytics to determine the demographics of your audience, their behaviour, response patterns, and engagement time frames. By learning more about your followers, you’ll know what kind of videos to create.

  • For example, the Facebook audience prefers live videos, or vlogs
  • Instagram audiences like short, impactful videos, reels and stories
  • LinkedIn Videos are best to reach B2B connections and lure the professional audience

For Instance,  there is an elaborate sales video explaining the new features and technical benefits of complex electronic or biomedical machinery. To invite attention create a sizzle reel – which will highlight the industry background, focusing on the features with bright text, and techno music. Know what I mean? Pick the most exciting glimpses and roll them together. It has the potential to divert/guide the interested audience from Facebook or Instagram to go to YouTube and check the complete feature video. 

3. Show and Tell Sales Videos – it’s like the actual experience. Inform through a sales video how the new product or service can be used or will benefit the customer, and make their life happier. Use words to suggest the feeling that they would get if they opt for the new product. Basically, pronounce the emotion for them. And it will surely get the desired attention.

4. Add the ‘How to’ Sales Videos – educate your customers on how to use the new feature, instead of them worrying about calling the service center OR going through the cumbersome manual – I personally hate any manual. If someone is guiding me, first do this, then do that, it is so much easier. 

Website is a great place to hold all your sales videos – you can use direct sales videos for introducing products, services, placing order process, doing a referral video, OR you can do a soft sell  – like introducing the management team to the public, operations, how we work video, handshake with new partners video, behind the scenes video.  

For example, Inform about the launch or event via teaser sales videos. You can go all creative in this. A few ideas are listed here.

  1. A superfast run through on the complete footage that you gathered right from the idea stage to how it grew and was completed – like, in 30 seconds.
  2. A day in the life of the designer, or the director from morning to meetings, to decisions, to socializing till dinner. People feel motivated to see the top guys sharing what they do in a day’s time frame. 
  3. Behind the scene teams at work – operations, logistics, vendors et al.
  4. Count down – like, 2 weeks to go short reel, 1 week to go, 2 days before the launch.

And put the newest video on the home page, with links leading to all the earlier related videos in chronology.

5. Testimonial Sales Videos – if you have the budget, ask a celebrity to unbox the new product, or to share their personal experience upon using it. Make it short and catchy. Your celebrity’s time is also precious. Remember the purpose of this sales video.

For example, you are a startup that wants to build brand awareness. 

Get the celebrity to speak crisply about what he/she feels about using your product, and why they would keep using it. Means highlight the USPs. Use your company branding as background – your office, your products spread out, or some activity that shows production, or packaging, or where you get your sustainable raw materials from. Make the sales video highly informative without disturbing the focus of the celebrity. Believe me, sometimes people will rewatch the reel to take a good look at all the elements that you used. End with a call to enable the next action. The celebrity might divert the viewers towards a trial session or a 1st-time promotional coupon, or a referral benefit.

6. Announcements and Events Sales Videos – Gathering people for an oncoming launch event, or a trade show or a conference needs to be done suavely. Make a story capturing the essence of the event, its agenda for inviting people. Inform them of what’s on the list of activities they can look forward to. Interview someone who is excited about exhibiting there. Get the audience to anticipate how life will be better if they attend and use this for learning about your company, products and also for networking.

7. Use Your Sales Video As a Commercial. This is a useful method for freelancers and self-starters.  For example, a real estate agent wants to encourage a certain kind of audience to buy a house or invest in a property that is in a remote area but has a lot of potentials to appreciate in the coming years. He can create very short videos with a catchy tagline and highlight one feature or aspect of this property and/or area. It helps to quickly communicate a key benefit. 

He can also shoot his first sale and use it again for further marketing.

So here we have just outlined a few examples. Choose or mix and match for what could be ideal for your company or service. And take it from there. As we always advise, be flexible. Watch closely what works, and use it again smartly.

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