How To Make A Motivational Video For Sales Personnel

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A study from North-western University found that when workers are at their peak physical and mental capacity, sales increase by 6%.

That doesn’t sound like much but it translates to an annual revenue of over $500 billion dollars! This study also revealed some startling facts about how inspirational motivational videos can have a huge impact on your company’s success.

Bottom-line is, Motivational Videos help refresh employees while boosting productivity. Of all the departments, sales teams need the maximum motivation to stay diligent and consistent in their performance, year after year. Sales motivational videos are a must have, or should we say must-make requirement for an invigorated excited Sales team which is the necessary prerequisite for sustained, long-term success.

Some of the case studies have shown that inspiring videos on YouTube have served as a great motivator of a sales team irrespective of their size!! In the last 10 years of so, or so, organisations or top management set aside a good provision for employee training programs , sending them to various conferences, retreats, hone-your-strength high potential events, coffee with the CEO or holiday packages for the deserving sales personnel. All of these are nice, but mostly short lived. And there is a constant need for motivation required even in low budget times.

Small businesses who don’t have enough resources or finances available to hire additional staff members but still want results such as increasing customer retention rates, higher profits per sale or more satisfied customers within their target markets–all without spending any extra money. 

Copying and relating celebrity success and failure stories, and using motivational quotes in set video templates with nice background stills and/or music is all nice. And handy. But personally we feel it is passé. Enough is done, and enough has been said and repeated many times around. And these, by the way, are freely available on YouTube and google search already. Which any sales person can find on their own. Your company definitely wants to find new ways to tell the story or illustrate your point to the customers. Same goes for your internal customers. 

So what should you be putting into your sales motivation video? This should spiral around what motivates the sales people??

  1. Sales people like the very thought of winning. Talking about wins and achieving is as good as achieving. So share with them competitive information, how they are performing as a collective, and as individually compared to other team members. How to do this? One great way is called – Track, Rank and Publish! Track the details of every one’s performance, rank everyone in the team, and post their names on the High board or screen for all to see. Next level show of ranking happens in a video form. It will also act like a sales motivation video for the other team members or other departments to see and feel good. The kind of adrenaline rush experienced by the top performers as well as the others who want to at the top is great. Short, cute or aggressive sales motivation videos will do the trick.
  2. Next in line is actually similar, and equally potent. Sales people want recognition for their hard work. Top performers should be recognised by batches, trophies, plaques in front of everyone else. Ask them to describe their process, and share their personal strategy. Offer them airtime to tell their success story, and show off their accolades.
  3. The third and obvious aspect that motivates the sales personnel is money, incentives! So devise a good commission plan with a long term holding which will also ensure retention of the best sales employees. Now you cannot state who earns what, but surely you can be transparent to state the commission plans on video, or a sweet message from the HR for the sales motivation video. You can even personalise the sales motivation videos. To inform them about each one’s financial compensation and how they can continue to do better.
  4. Talk about records. Say a sales motivation video on how someone in the team broke the records, or formed a legacy year-on-year, quarter after quarter. Sales people love to be compared to athletes, so give them name tags, honour them by comparing them to some awesome contemporary winners. Create your own Hall of Fame kinda list, and make a smashing sales motivation video, which we promise will be watched again and again.
  5. The fifth leg that motivates sales people is perks. Extra bonus, gifts, incentive trip, dinner at the prime place with a partner, additional training subscription, or a company car is a delightful asset. Some of these things can be used as an advantage to make a sales motivation video. Take footage of the experience and happiness or surprise element when the employee receives the gift.  Everyone wants to be on screen, at some point in their life. Imagine the proud feeling of ‘Coffee with the CEO’ being aired on the big screen in the common lounge!

Utilise little incidents from the above five pointers in your sales motivational video, and give that unusual twist to your company’s image, outside and inside.

Because, there is no harm in allowing your employees to use internal sales motivation videos to be shared with the outside world! Remember to brand even your smallest, shortest sales motivation video. These will help amplify your branding and image, wherever they reach. And with effective social media platforms like YouTube, you just cannot fathom where they will land, and who is watching and getting inspired by your hard work. In time, the results will all come back to you. Trust us on this one!

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