How To Translate A Corporate Video For Domestic Markets

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Communication and outreach via Videos has been on the rise for a long time now, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger. It accounts now for approximately 80% of global consumer internet traffic. 74% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot). 86% of marketers use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2021).

With the rising impact of the internet, and the recent pandemic (causing everyone to spend thrice the time on browsing and connecting via various e-platforms) the internet is not limited by geographical distance anymore and, as such, it can be used to reach anyone in the world. So then, how do we extend our message towards all geographies? 

Video translation is an unquestionable requirement for organisations who have workplaces all throughout the planet, or who advance their items and administrations to a worldwide crowd.   In a globalised market like today’s, where anyone can buy from anyone, there’s no excuse for missing out on opportunities for something as simple as using subtitles in our videos. 

Video translation is on a higher priority than any time in recent memory for associations, and should become part of any organisation that has expansion plans.  Deciphering your videos builds their permeability and openness, showing both your clients and workers that your association has a comprehensive, worldwide attitude. Say, wouldn’t it be a waste not to turn your videos into an international communication tool? 

If your customer doesn’t know your brand, they might not be searching for your video specifically. If they don’t speak your language, they won’t find your video from the title. How will they find your company? YouTube offers multiple options, even when someone puts vague keywords for search. Anyone using YouTube over a period of time learns how to search better. Besides the analytics and algorithms of YouTube prompts also support better and wider search for all users. Even google search has understood the need for different geographies and offers options for translation right there in the search mode.

Let’s outline the importance of corporate video translation and its need in the present day. Despite the visual cues in videos, many people still struggle to understand them. One way to make your video more understandable is to create a voice-over version of the video in the language or languages of your target audience. This will increase the chances that it will be understood in other markets and give you a better chance of someone watching the whole thing. YouTube is also testing the ability to add multiple audio tracks for international audiences. You can also add subtitles in the target language. This will allow potential customers to find your videos in their native language.

Hence, our strong recommendation for adding video translation to your corporate videos and marketing mixes.

  1. Reach all audiences. Even within your national market, there may be potential customers (immigrants, foreign students, seasonal tourists, etc.) who would understand your video better in another language.
  2. Gain a presence in the global market. Remember that there are no borders on the internet. If your range of products or services satisfies a need in your home country, it might be the other countries? Because ultimately, we are all the same – people, families, companies, schools, hospitals, and the list goes on.
  3. Improve your brand image. In terms of positioning and company values, associating yourself in the international landscape is always a sign of inclusiveness, high standing and professionalism. This is a great way for your customers to perceive you.
  4. Best ROI (value for your investments). By spending just a little more, you can get much more out of the expensive work already carried out.
  5. Improve your SEO positioning. Increasing traffic and interest in your websites will be positively valued by your audience, and soon you’ll see your organic growth and followership..
  6. Identify new business opportunities. Globalisation offers incredible opportunities for those with the right mind-set. Once you have decided not to box yourself in within your company’s comfort zone, you’ll be able to see a horde of possibilities for further collaborations and brighter options.

Following are the MAJOR types of corporate videos, and we feel mostly all types will benefit with the added option of video translation and /or voice over feature.

Promotional corporate videos: These are limited-time videos that detail a specific corporate item, administration, or drive, expecting to advance the subject being referred to. Spending a bit more on additional video translation will 100% increase reach. Promoting your new offer, or refurbished, better product across all channels and geographical audiences at the same time is a fairly good strategy.

Training corporate videos: These videos can be utilised for any sort of inside or outer reason where the point is to build the information and abilities base of the interest group – from on boarding to safety videos to tips on smart management to continuous expert learning, and anything in the middle. Training videos can even appear as ‘how to’ activities, the reason for which can be to advise the watcher regarding new or critical-to-accentuate ways to deal with specific situations. Without being repetitive, we advise spending a little extra on video translation is a bonus!

Communication corporate videos: At times, you simply need to make a major declaration. Like quarterly updates to stakeholders and channel partners, or profit & bonus announcements, etc. For this purpose, communication corporate videos are ideal and can be moulded to convey specific information, news, and data on a given subject. Go ahead and make it available for employees across the global and varied audience via the tools of video translation.

All you require is to hire the translation services of a qualified company to subtitle your videos and help exponentially multiply their reach.

The Kapwing translate video tool is a good way to add translated subtitles to your video with no watermark. The tool uses artificial intelligence to listen to the audio in your video and then automatically add translated subtitles. Another app VEED features 95% accuracy in translations. LenseUp has been another trusted platform. They keep offering new and innovative technologies to use for corporate video translations viz, Flexible and fast service at a competitive cost, without sacrificing voice quality, translation in 30 languages, and added support by Voice over talents or synthetic voices. We have just named a few, for your ease of search.

Various tools and /or a translation company will help you decide on the best option or mix for making your video translation perfect!

  1. Subtitles: If your video financial plan and timetable are both tight, subtitles are the best translation strategy for you. They’re savvy and translation administrations can rapidly deliver them.

Audio: Alongside subtitles, re-recording your video’s portrayal and discourse is a good way. Contrasted with subtitles, translated audio makes for a more consistent review insight, and allows your audience to watch the whole video screen without bothering with the text.

Localization: Localization is the most complete way of deciphering your video. Making your video in another dialect, localization creates a translation that records for nuanced social and provincial references.

Identify a specialist video translator for continuity and consistency. Then get a localization expert who can survey both the visual substance and the exchange from the perspective of the target group to further advice on social sensitivities, and comfort of the local watchers.

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