Things To Remember Before Making A Drone Video For Your Company 

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93% of businesses believe that video marketing increases user understanding of their product or service. And 72% of businesses claim that it has improved the conversion rate of their website. Now, with so many innovative methods for attracting and engaging the right audience, one such high-tech option is making Drone videos. It has shown 76% ROI for various businesses.
Using drones to create marketing videos is one of the more lucrative aspects of owning a drone, if you can pass specific tests, that is. Drones feature multiple propeller arms, landing bases, and mounts for cameras or cargo crates. They’re cool, fast, and fast becoming an integral part of today’s video-making landscape. Drone videos improve almost any kind of promotional, branding or marketing video. The tool costs, but overall marketing and advertising campaigns need not be time-consuming or costly. And if one adds a good budget, drone videos can become an awesome, long-lasting memory on digital media. Let’s quickly list down the top industries which rely highly on Drone videos.
  1. Real estate and landed property. Whether you are considering a superfluity property, expensive fruit orchards, community farms, or branding video for luxurious real estate, sweeping the landscape with an outstanding drone video adds to the charm and value for the potential buyers. When it comes to property business, it is cutthroat competition, and each developer wants to get ahead by the hour. The most recent Marketing weapon in real estate is the utilization of emotional camera ramble photography and video visits in online postings. 
  2. Tour and Travel Marketing. Drone recordings are another level that travel advertisers ought to take a gander at honestly now while the curiosity wow element endures
  3. Aerial video for tourism marketing.  The use of drone videos permits them to highlight the whole property and offer potential visitors an elevated perspective of what they will encounter upon landing. It’s like a live travel map.
  4. Event Marketing using Drone Video. Unmanned quadcopters, usually called drones, can give an extraordinary point of view to catch photographs and video at exchange shows, gatherings, events, team building excursions, functions, and different occasions.
  5. Marketing for Beaches and resorts. Aerial photography has offered an extraordinarily appealing and successful approach to showcasing resorts, beaches, properties, and events. 
  6. Drone Video Marketing for Motor racing / Bike Racing / Water Sports. Drone footage captures the risk and adventure of these aggressive activities in full detail. Kayaking in Iceland also includes the scenic environment surroundings through the majestic mountains and snowy peaks. With the Drones also getting advanced, the HexH2o drone shoots both flying and submerged videos for aviation purposes and diving.
  7. Drone footage for a cause or community drive. Make an educational video, and try to educate your viewers about a topic. You can show the whole city or location affected by the issue you’re discussing and persuade your viewers to take the issues at hand seriously by putting them into a larger context.
  8. Drone footage in a product video. Here you focus on your product or service. Use a drone to show all the angles of your product in action, whether it be an electric bike or a new Bluetooth-enabled wristwatch. Big or small, drone footage elevates your video marketing to the next level with breath-taking visuals.
  9. Lifestyle education. Right from Salsa steps to doing yoga in a serene locale to a hiking trail in a lifestyle drone video, it adds value in engaging and encouraging people to adopt better health practices.

Drone footage has the power to captivate audiences, to increase the production value of your video, and to create a feeling of awe required to wow your audience into finding out more – whatever your product is.

Benefits of using drone footage – First of all, drones are cheaper than the alternative – to rent out a helicopter and a full video team for capturing the idea. Drone footage is high-quality footage. Video footage you capture with a drone can be used across multiple marketing videos. Depending on the industry you’re in, you can prioritize drone footage. If you work at an event company, capturing the crowd with a drone at a massive music festival is amazing publicity for your company’s brand. Lastly, in the age of Instagram, an everyday person is using drone footage to show off cool trips, sports content, and exciting events – you should be, too. 

The first step to incorporating drone footage in your video marketing is to find someone to operate a drone for you. 

1. Know your equipment. Choosing a drone can be a daunting task with the many available options, says expert Marek. “A good way to think about it is to consider a drone a tool, and there is the right one for the job. When looking for the right drone to make marketing videos, you will want to choose one with a good camera that is on a motorized gimbal to help smooth out the shots and GPS capabilities, so it can assist in flight and be able to return home if any problems arise.” Professional drones allow you to add various accessories for digital video to record high-quality footage, however, they are quite expensive. The quality of video and features that you will get, depends on whether you choose expensive or cheap drones for filming.

2. Practice to make perfect. Like anything you are trying to learn in life, working with drones takes practice to truly master all the nuances of the device. Just as pilots and golfers use simulators to help them practice their craft, drone simulators are available to those looking for extra tutorials.

3. Know the story you want to convey. To produce a good marketing video for your garden center, Marek says the key is editing the photos or videos collected from your drone and knowing the story you wish to tell while filming.

4. Shoot to edit. When shooting your drone video for marketing, you will want to remember to save time to edit the content that you collect. No one wants to watch 10 minutes of uncut, raw, haphazard footage. Learn how to chop the repetitive parts, and highlight the better portions and in time you will become a pro.

5. Know your surroundings well. Though drones are fairly safe, they can cause harm if operated improperly. “I like to take a walk around an environment that I am about to fly [a drone] in to make sure there are not any obstacles that might be missed from where you plan to launch from,” Marek says. “You should never fly near or over people, or over anyone else’s property without permission.”

6. Enjoy your Drone journey. With anything new that you are trying to master, it is important to remember to enjoy yourself. You are going to crash [your drone] at some point no matter if you follow all the above tips and are careful. “If you stick to it, you will be able to make it into your friendly crewman.

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