What Is An Explainer Video And Why You Need One For Your Business 

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Insivia found that an explainer video is the most effective way to communicate the new product’s concept to your potential customers. Around 45% of the businesses use explainer videos on their homepage, and they are happy with the result.

To be able to convey your offering in an innovative way that truly inspires your target market, the best way is an explainer video. Explainer videos are educational and informative; it helps to enhance the conversion rates as 81 per cent of people tend to buy a product/service after watching an explainer video on the website. The retention rate of an explainer video is way more than any other form of advertising. They are easily compatible on all platforms – social media, blogs, newsletters, TV ads and emails. It can be viewed on any device or screen, hence its growing popularity on smartphones. Once you have wired your audience to the visual meat, they will crave for more, and be doubly excited and wait for your next explainer video. So, the chance of repeat customers and an increase in customer loyalty is another long term advantage.

Compiling an explainer page per page content must have started as a PowerPoint deck, then someone probably spiced it up with vectors, graphics and a voice-over. There, it became an explainer video. It definitely hits home!

Sometimes a quick, easy, explanation is just what someone needs to help clearly understand how your product solves a problem. But then again, with people really enjoying entertaining and informative video content, most people, companies and startups are honing their skills in this area of social media marketing and branding.

Types of explainer videos

  1. Screencast Explainer video: A screencast video consists of a sequence of screenshots to explain the working process, product description, tutorial, content management system, and so on. The good thing is anyone with a small budget can also make it and send it out effectively.

  2. 2D Animated Characters Explainer Video: This type of explainer video involves a character who will tell a specific story. The character connects with the audience and invokes emotions. One can show how the character goes through a lot of problems and then finally finds the solution, thanks to your product/service.

  3. 2D Motion Graphics Explainer video: Go with 2D motion graphics if you want to explain a complicated product to your potential customers in a short span of time. It is ideal for breaking down a complex business process into small parts that are easier for your audience to comprehend.

  4. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video: The whiteboard animation video may not suit all types of businesses, but it is excellent for tutorials, study courses and classroom work, even tedious processes like NGO work, or complicated human concepts.

  5. 3D Animation Explainer Video: When you are planning a commercial or promotion for a large audience, you should consider 3D animation videos. It can be expensive but once you have put in the effort, the reach and appeal are manifold.

  6. Live-Action explainer video: You will employ real actors that can help you explain the problems and solutions. It is also expensive but it helps you to portray people with needs, and in building trust in your brand. You can collaborate with celebrities, and influencers, or hire actors for this kind of marketing.

When deciding between live-action and animation explainer videos, it is important to think deeply about the message or content of your video. Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and anticipate the desired outcome! Say if you need to explain a complex business process that includes minute details or an overload of information, animation could easily condense that information faster and in a stylish form. Or if you want to put together information that sells or describes physical product features, then you can choose a live-action option.

Allow us to give you some more insights on the Live-action type of Explainer Videos. 

  1. Scripted Narrative Explainer Video: A scripted narrative comes in various forms and is defined as a story that has a plot and characters. You can play with more alternatives here.

    – A voice-over (VO) narration that’s brought to life by re-enactments or on the footage.

    – Scripted, direct to camera or dialogue-based video – like for a public service announcement or corporate video.

    – Scripted, story-based narrative – like TV commercials, corporate or marketing videos.

  2. Interview Case Study Explainer Video: This is mostly used for news or brand talking head videos. Other examples that fall under this fold are customer testimonial videos and influencer videos.

  3. Documentary-Style Case Study Explainer Video: Documentary-style videos can be interview-based, or elaborate case studies involving multiple shoot locations and longer shoot days to capture the on-screen subjects in real-life scenarios. They are more complex but highly effective. Examples of this type of explainer video are promoting a cause, showcasing someone’s journey, or a progressing scientific-educational case study.


  4. Product Demos or Educational explainer Videos: This kind of live-action is used to highlight a particular product or promote an exclusive service  such as:

    – Interview style Product demonstration 

    – Scripted Product demonstration
    – Actual walk-through with on-camera talent or influencer demonstrating and talking about the product at the same time

    – Live screen capture – unboxing kind of video

  5. Talking Head Explainer Videos
    This is quite a simple ‘head and shoulders’ direct to camera shot. The talking head can be used in a variety of forms, both scripted and non-scripted. They can be used for personal videos (vlog), promotional (service presentation), or conversational (video email). These are generally simple to produce and can be captured with a single click of the record button.

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