What Is Video Personalization And How To Use It For Business

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A personalized Video will completely help connect with your target audience (and beyond) because you are putting efforts to make it so relatable. Video personalization has proved to become a highly effective way to connect with customers and prospects. A simple prop that’s related to your prospect’s personal or professional interests is a great tool to help visually communicate that you’ve spent the time to research your prospect and have common ground with them too.

Why use Personalized Video for Connecting with your Customers

In sales, as in “regular” life, we as people are naturally drawn to those who are similar to us. In psychology, this is often referred to as the “affinity bias.” In simple terms, the affinity bias says that we have a tendency to connect with people who share our interests, experiences, and backgrounds. And while too much affinity bias can lead us to make poor decisions, there is a sweet spot that we can use to create natural connections with people.

The important word here is natural connections. When it comes to using personalized videos effectively, it’s important to connect with people through genuine interests and experiences. Like a simple ad, where the lady of the house explains using a certain detergent for cleaning the child’s soiled, football ground rumpled clothes. There! Housewives find it relatable and convincing.

Also personalized videos can very easily work on a small budget. All you need is a little bit of time, a relevant prop, and a webcam. It is also a great opportunity to dig information, research about your potential customers, their likes and dislikes, and things that will engage their emotional state and senses.

Do we need more convincing?  There’s tons of proof on why personalized video can help you cut through the noise and shine.

What are the challenges that can be solved via personalized videos

  • Getting more responses on cold emails 
  • Booking more pitch meetings
  • Closing more deals
  • Customer reach 
  • Better customer engagement

People crave personalized experiences. And marketers are giving them what they want: Overall business video creation increased by 135% last year. Of the sellers who use custom-recorded videos, 70% say that video emails produce more opens, clicks, and responses than text emails. Combined, a personalized video in an email is a fascinating outreach combination. Our brains are programmed to store visual memories, and studies show that people are 13% more likely to remember details from video emails over text emails. 

Benefits of personalized videos include:

  • Breaking through the noise
  • Higher email open rates
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Generating more prospect engagement
  • Building relationships that drive deals forward
  • Video in an email can reduce inbox fatigue and help recipients retain more of the message when compared to text-based email. 
  • Deeper relationships with your customers
  • A better understanding of your target audience
  • Improved brand affinity and brand loyalty
  • Higher ROI from marketing and advertising
  • A shorter and more efficient sales cycle

Types of Personalized Videos

There are countless creative ways to approach personalized video. Many online video platforms will give you a variety of options for filming styles. Vidyard has three options to choose from: Selfie-style, screen share, or hybrid (both selfie-style and screen share).

A selfie-style video is an easy format to record. All you need to do is set your webcam up facing you, make sure your lighting is good, check that your microphone and audio work, and hit record.

screen share video is when you record what’s on your computer screen, along with audio from your microphone. It’s a great way to show and tell. Screen share videos are often used for asynchronous video presentations, demo videos, and explainer videos. Even the financial services industry is starting to use screen share videos for contract reviews, legal document reviews, annual roundups, and proposals.

A hybrid video combines both a screen share video and webcam video into one. Vidyard does this by putting a bubble on the screen that shows the webcam feed of your face.

This style of video performs very well. 58% of sales pros who leverage the hybrid video format report that it delivers the highest response rate.

Video personalization is a great way for brands and marketers to take their message directly toward customers, prospects, or influencers with customized content that will be relevant based on who they are!

Different occasions call for different personalized videos. Common categories would be – A marketing invite for new potential prospects, product promotion, shout out for holidays discount packages, short term recruitments ( for students or internships), Thank you notes, and call to action videos.

For example : The University of Waterloo tapped into the power of customized videos to recruit students for their new academic year. In their crisp and intriguing video, they highlighted all the things that make up a student’s first day at the university. Set to lively music that’s not too overwhelming, the video was undoubtedly a success.

Elements of personalization included: 

  • The student’s name (Shakeel) on the boxes they’re moving in with
  • A friendly fellow student offering some help
  • A placard in their room
  • Personalized tee being sold at a stall, and
  • Even a correctly-spelled name on a Starbucks cup (that’s a rarity!), with a surprise cameo by the Dean himself! 

Send your personalized video by way of an email. Stay up to date on all the tools and services that will help your clients reach out to you in the easiest ways possible. I feel that, when it comes to the combination of production value and personalization in a video, it’s very much a matter of “your results may vary.” But then again, we should definitely add to our marketing mix what the current audience likes.

Personalized video technical guidelines (on-demand renders) – Vidyard Support

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