What Style Of Videos Are The Most Popular 

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With 2 billion people watching YouTube every month, the video-sharing platform has become bigger, offering you the ability to reach an enormous audience using your video content. In fact, YouTube estimates that its users watch over a billion hours of video each day. So what do people like to watch? 

We checked through the latest data to find out what categories of videos are being watched on the video-sharing platform. The results show that – Music videos are the most popular videos. Gamers come second – Video games are insanely popular and gamers on YouTube enjoy widely viewed channels. Beauty videos sit at number three in the most popular video styles. Very close in the competition are the How-To videos. Experts advise that Even if it isn’t your primary content type, you can still sprinkle how-to content on your channel to boost its watchability. Kid Channels stand on number 5.

How should you go about making the best videos for your audience? Let’s analyse the most popular video styles, and maybe it will help you decide on yours.

Most popular videos styles

1. Commentary
A commentary video expresses thoughts or opinions on a particular subject. For corporates, the CEO or department heads can use this type of YouTube video to reflect on current events or developments in your industry or related to your offering. For various businesses, celebrity or an influential person’s commentary can add value to their controversial or game-changing update in their field, or rising stock situation, explaining how this update affects their clients.
2. Product review
A product review is — a detailed assessment of the quality and/or performance of a product. It could be explaining the features & benefits, endorsement style or random live reviews. Unboxing may not make sense for many brands (especially B2B), but it definitely appeals to young customers. Reviews are one of the main spaces watched by 90% of online customers while making a decision.

3. How-to (Tutorial)
How-to videos are educational videos that give viewers a visual step-by-step of how to accomplish a particular task. Within the educational category, there are various styles of tutorial videos. Instructional, explainer, animated learning videos, presentation, professional intro type ( works best for corporates), promoting small business (online learning, beauty tips, setting up equipment, etc). I even learned how to handle my new pet via a tutorial video. It was really helpful.
4. Comedy
A good funny laugh is welcome at all times, let’s accept it. Everyone has definitely turned at some point to YouTube for a good laugh, or at least a funny visual. Individual YouTubers aced it already, and now even serious businesses are working on grabbing audience attention through fun videos. There is so much that can be done in a fun visual.
5. “Challenge” or meme
These are similar to comedy videos except they are created in an effort to capitalize on a current trend or meme. It’s a combination of a short video and a clever punchline. Meme videos help you to share a commentary video in a fin way, or to stand out in the crowded social media feed.
6. Reaction
Reaction videos are those where YouTubers or thought leaders respond to something relevant to their audience. Like reaction/rating to new games or commercials, reaction to music videos or TV shows, a celebrity death or legal case, or trends. It is a great way to attract traffic. One good idea can boost your followers and have a freeway engagement with other reactors or your followers. It can be completely yours (authentic) with a minimal production budget. This category has surely added to the ‘content-ainment’ during the pandemic to an audience that desperately needed fresh content.
7. Q&A
As They Ask, You Answer preaches, most of your content should be driven by buyer questions, and Q&A (or question and answer) videos tackle this head-on. It helps you build trust with your users/audience and attract more traffic online. You might already have a best looking ( and optimized) FAQ section on your webpage, but there might still be some questions /concerns about your product or service. From time to time you may want to consider hosting a Q & A video as a live stream, especially if your product or service is new in the market. It leads to increased customer satisfaction and increased sales.
8. Interview
Similar to a Q&A, interviews can be highly engaging. YouTube videos centered around a conversation or dialogue. Use interview videos to, again, have thought leaders and experts in your organization field burning questions from buyers or prospective buyers. Interview style videos can be – off-camera style, the direct address interview, the hosted conversation, or can also have a cinematic approach if you have the budget.
9. Docuseries
Docuseries are a series of videos following one particular event or subject. Perhaps this could be used to tell a customer story or offer a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s culture. It can be as small as two episodes.
Why do your audience watch docuseries? Because it is made of facts, and it improves compassion, it brings you closer to your audience as they get to know your truth. 
Docuseries can also be made in different styles – narrative, Observational, performative, reflexive and participatory. Narrative videos are ones that take the viewer through a story, directly or as a depiction with actors making it very interesting. Later you can add the episodes and make a collection of documentaries as well.
Narrative style docuseries or documentaries have become the most popular, almost a top video style in its own category.
10. Music videos 
A variety of audiences is hooked on music videos. For various reasons – commercial, emotional, fun, hobby, or just relaxation. Music videos use a wide range of styles and contemporary video-making techniques. Other than musicians and artists, many individuals, as well as companies, use music promotional videos, clips, and jingles for better audience engagement. 
11. Sports videos
These, as the name suggests, are videos centered around competitive sports or athletic stunts. It is a niche style of video marketing. If related to your business, it can be extremely valuable, but not something you should explore randomly. 
12. Gaming videos
Gaming videos, in this context, are usually recordings of individuals actually playing or sometimes reviewing a video game. These are niche to the gaming industry.
13. ASMR
ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos are a recently popular video type capturing the sounds of everyday experiences (e.g., cutting a piece of paper with scissors). Like gaming videos, these are extremely niche and not the best match for most businesses. 

Pay attention to your analytics

Trying two or more types of video styles can add value to your brand and identity. Some companies or small businesses do random stuff as well. It is a risk but It can become their personal style as well. 

Did you know one ‘bad’ video can decrease the visibility of your entire channel? Be sure to pay close attention to your analytics. Keep track of videos that are performing well and don’t be afraid to remove videos that are underperforming and replace them with better performing videos based on your learnings.

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