When To Choose 3D Animation For Your Business Video 

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3D animated video is gaining great viewership because of its capability of presenting any product or service in a way that can seamlessly attract the attention of the audience. Companies that are willing to go creative using various visuals in their promotional campaigns attain higher retention from their audience. For start-ups or for established brands, it adds value to show off your quality product and its features in the marketplace. Because of the high-level technology and imagery, companies have the possibility to explain their products and services in just about unlimited ways. That leads to growth in conversions and sales.

3D animation videos were often used for product and architectural visualizations, but now many businesses can use them to see what their products will look like without having to make them first. That way they can save time and money on prototypes and focus on creating better products. In a very short period of time, you can explain the unique features and benefits of your products or services via 3D animation videos. Due to its comprehensive and fascinating approach to sharing information, 3D animated videos are being widely used for giving a product demo, marketing its special features, or advertising new models as well. It engages the viewers via online platforms. The fast outreach is manyfold as compared to sending two of your best engineers to give a live 3-hour demonstration ( add to it the cost and cumbersome task of installation and de-installation of the machinery safely, then doing a follow-up session with the potential client for a question and answer and then negotiations). A well-shaped explainer or graphic video can do all of this in a shorter span of time.

Any presentation or advertisement that is curated using 3D Animation can portray the product in various colours, angles, sizes, and of course along with the depth details, increase its appeal.

A professionally-made 3D video will stay in potential clients’ minds for a long time. The 3D video makes drawings move, making it fun and humorous (if you desire) with a very sleek look. Once you’ve got your client’s interest via a stylish video, it becomes easier to introduce them to your products and services via videos. One of the biggest benefits of 3D animation is that it can be displayed on various online platforms.

78% of people watch videos at least once a week and 55% watch them every day. 93% of brands gained new followers because of a video on social media. You cannot have a better time than now to add a 3D video to your business and know the difference Fields that have already mastered the benefits of 3D Animation videos:

  1. designs to make the audience get a clear idea as to what exactly the structure will look like after completion. These animations help the engineers easily assess the design and prepare a timeline of work and the cost involved. It saves them from starting the work and realizing the construction, labour, cost and timelines are unmatched, as has happened in many projects. 
  2. Automobile and Mechanical Engineering: 3D animation video allows you to reach out to potential buyers and collaborators even when you are in the prototype, manufacturing, or testing stages of a product offering.  The combination of captivating voice-over and heavy visuals really drives the point home. Presenting an animated explainer to get your customers revving about it is really motivating for any start-up or scale-up company.  
  3. Healthcare Industry: Medical issues tend to be confusing, and complex, at times tiresome for the regular people to understand. 3D visual videos have made it easier and more interesting to invite patients, customers, researchers, collaborators, investors, and adjacent viewers to comprehend these health-related topics and machinery in a much better way. Hospitals, laboratories, and research facilities worldwide are using 3D animation as part of the processes to develop treatments and medicines, as well as to aid in surgical procedures. To share the immense value the health care industry carries, it is a notable Market size value in 2021USD 18.39 billion, and the expected Growth Rate is a CAGR of 11.7% from 2021 to 2028. These figures also call for educating patients as well research students and medical professionals. This in turn means they need 3D animation videos that will grow almost in a directly proportional manner. 
  4. Media and Entertainment: Perhaps the greatest use of animation has been in the entertainment industry for all platforms – TV ads, phone games, computer games, and movies. Little cartoon movies have top grossed as real action movies and they appeal to all ages. Studios like Pixar, DC and DreamWorks have mastered the art by employing the best talent in 3D animation work. Simply put, 3D animation video has seeped into any and every field now, after the massive success in the media and entertainment industry. Because of its widespread acceptance, viewers are willing to accept animation made out of smaller budgets and easier graphics as well. You just need to use your imagination and creativity. 
  5. Education and creative arts: Many courses and tutors use 3D animation to teach and mentor students online and offline. Presentations, diagrams, characters, and voice-overs, all add up to create a great class atmosphere for learning. As compared with standard study videos, dynamic 3D video results in 19 per cent higher comprehension. 
  6. Retail: Of late, the retail industry is also reaping the benefits of using 3D animation videos. Showcasing product attributes and features in a clear manner helps with reach. Even little features which cannot be photographed or displayed in real life, become meaningful when given an animated avatar. Displaying them from various angles makes demonstration easy and also available to so many more people, which would otherwise be a challenge. 
  7. Advertising: Animations rate on top in promotional videos and advertisements. From as short as 10 seconds to 5 minutes, companies are using a combination of graphics, animations, vectors, illustrations and fun voices to make their business site more attractive and eye-catching. 
  8. 3D animation videos are sharable on various platforms, they help enhance search rankings which will help increase your brand visibility. This in turn should influence buying behaviour and realize a better rate of conversion.

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