Why Make A Whiteboard Video For Your Business 

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According to Google: Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website. Because video is much more engaging and interesting, it can also capture the attention of non- readers. Besides, videos are shareable and versatile, meaning they can be edited/moulded for every possible social media platform. A well-made video  not only showcases the benefits of your product or service, it also gives you a chance to express your company’s character, philosophy, and culture. 

You may have worked hard to explain the concept, and to elaborate all the features and benefits of your product, but people just don’t want to read. Catch them over a 1 minute video and tally the engagement! YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google. People will search for YOUR product or service not just on Google, but on YouTube.  If they don’t find your video, they’ll certainly find your competitor’s. Your video has to sit there to buy you more screen space in the search results.

Now that is settled, we also must accept the fact that not every company or start-up has budgets to make stylish videos. That’s where whiteboard videos come into the picture. They can be easy, entertaining, and low budget, although even within the whiteboard video category there are whiteboard explainer video and whiteboard animation videos and everyday tech people are getting advanced and creative.

How will you stand out?

As more and more users are drawn to websites such as YouTube and Vine, brevity becomes key. Attention spans are getting shorter each day, and the businesses that realise this and tailor their marketing approach accordingly are the ones who will survive the long haul.

 This means that you have 1-2 minutes to make a quick impression. Whiteboard explainer video allows your business to tell its story in 60 second bursts. Browsers who are impressed by your whiteboard animation layout are far more apt to recommend your service to their friends and loved ones.  

For the larger business that leans on a variety of different sales channels, whiteboard animations are typically more effective than creating multiple PowerPoint presentations. Whiteboard animations give a business a chance to make their pitch in a variety of ways, instead of going with a one size fits all approach.

If you run an online business, you will most likely benefit more from creating whiteboard videos. 

Here’s what you should know. 

  • Online shoppers are bombarded with tons of similar products as yours.  
  • They also have a shorter time to make buying decisions.
  • Viewing images and video is their only opportunity to engage with the product before purchase. 

With whiteboard videos, your customers can get a clearer view of your product features and benefits and make the right purchase decision. 

Choosing your whiteboard video style

Once you have your unique script ready, along with the complete emotion and punches in place, you must choose a board that will fully highlight and help create your style. Storyboard the sequence with rough sketches 

In addition to the traditional whiteboard style, there are  4 other styles:

  • Glassboard
  • Stitchboard
  • Notepad
  • Blackboard
Choose your stroke style and colour

Whiteboard videos need not always be just black and white. At this age of branding, you can use the psychology of colours to evoke certain emotions in your videos. Including full colouring and additional digital effects bring more depth to your whiteboard video. 


Tools like Animaker and VideoScribe or Renderforest offer you options for Editable templates, characters and colours to create your own whiteboard video or animation. They have characters for almost every occasion including travel, entertainment, corporate, adventure and technology. You can also upload your own props. These budget friendly solutions make you confident to be able to produce your own whiteboard video. 

Mix video styles

While whiteboard animation is effective on its own, as mentioned above, it can be mixed with other video styles to teach concepts more fully. Each style has its own unique connotations that can enhance the message or lesson you’re communicating. Live video might humanise the abstract concepts discussed on the whiteboard, whereas animation gives you full creative control to illustrate your points.

Say, for example, you want to create an explainer video to describe how your product works. To start the video, you might use whiteboard animation. The lack of colour in the style can emphasise how life is more dull or worse without the product. Then, when you describe your product’s benefits, the video can switch to colour to convey that your product improved the situation. Alternately, colour mixed with whiteboard animation can be used to highlight key points, actions, or characters in your video.

Some more Stats
  • Including your video in an email marketing blast will increase your click-through rate by 96%
  • Adding an explainer video to your website can increase your conversions by 20%
  • Videos on your site also increase brand recognition by 76%

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