Why Must Your Factory Have A Safety Video

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When we hire new employees in any business, big or small, we also abide by legal working  conditions, and as part of that, the new hires undergo Orientation programs and specific  department training. Requirements for training in the factory are always more than any other  office, viz training on the shop floor, production area, warehouse raw material and finished  goods, quality control, assembly lines , sampling and testing etc., Besides the work specific  training, they need overall factory safety training as well. After the initial elaborate training,  it is important to keep reminding them about safety protocols via short and crisp factory  safety videos. Even if it’s a 10-minute workplace safety video, it is useful because everyone  learns differently. Some people learn through practice, some learn through listening to  instructions, and others learn through visuals. That’s why creating Factory worker safety  videos is necessary.

On top of the list is industries like Construction, Manufacture and Engineering

For many industries, worker safety videos are simply created as a safety precaution as part  of the training kit or drill. These will be generally how to videos, for just in case situations,  which the desk job doers get exposed to on a once a quarter or once a month basis. They  highlight the probable hazards to employees, so that if any freak accidents occur, the  business won’t be held liable for the damage. However, in industries like construction, manufacture, engineering and crafts, workers are exposed to highly active and dangerous machinery, equipment, tools, and situations. Hence it is necessary to create factory safety videos, in order to remind employees, contractors  and visitors, about the necessity for care and caution, in and around their workplace. By creating factory safety videos, and workplace safety videos, you’ll be ensuring that those  who visit the worksite will be aware of the dangers, know how to handle them, as well as try  to prevent them as much as possible.  

Highlight the Hazards

There are many risks and hazards in any workplace, such as electrics, confined spaces and  even or or cold conditions inside the production halls which can cause mental and  emotional disturbance. That’s why it is important to use videos about electrical safety  videos, PPE safety videos, scaffolding safety videos and confined spaces safety videos to  highlight the risks that can occur in such varied environments.  Although some videos may not be suitable for some environments, such as scaffolding  safety videos and PPE safety videos for offices, it is still important to highlight the risks  involved, in case the office needs to undergo any renovations that will include equipment  like PPE and scaffoldings.

Mandatory Views equals Effectiveness

Manufacturing, chemical, machinery and tool based Industries always include factory safety  videos, as a vital prerequisite for anyone who enters the worksite or workplace. Thus, it would be a wise decision to make factory safety videos mandatory to watch, during recruitment training sessions, then at monthly review sessions, and as mandatory tasks for  all visitors and contractors before their visit. By including these videos in every training session, or as tasks before a visit, new  employees, visitors, and contractors will be aware of the risks that are present at worksites  and will ensure their behaviors and attitudes comply with health and safety restrictions at  the site. Knowing about Potential Hazards and restrictions will help reduce any careless  actions drastically. 

Using these videos, as refresher material from time to time for all employees, will get them  to be constantly kept up to date with new and existing safety procedures and to ensure that  they comply with them. For example, if the business is involved in construction and  manufacture, including overhead crane safety videos is included in their refresher sessions,  to remind them about the risks of operating overhead cranes in and around the work area.  

Have a Follow-Up

It is also important to include follow-up sessions, such as quizzes, reading materials or even  safety demonstrations, with your work safety videos and factory safety videos, as a  reminder in a fun way. It’ll ensure that they will follow compliance rules, to their best effort,  and that the risks at these sites are kept minimal.

How to Create Factory Safety Videos

It can be an easy and low budget method to use your current employees and their  equipment to quickly shoot footage for your work safety videos, and it can be entertaining  for their colleagues and friends to see themselves in these videos. But it does not mean that  these videos will be appropriate, nor will they comply with best business practices. To really  get the most out of your factory safety videos and workplace safety videos, you will need to  set aside a budget for video-making professionals. By calling in professionals, your videos will be attractive to your employees, visitors, and contractors, they will be informative, and useful  for a long time.

Professional also understand the correct requirements for industry specific factory safety  videos, namely, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Road Safety, Construction Safety and Work at  Height Safety, PPE videos, Machine environment safety, Air and Health Safety, Material  Handling Safety, Chemical Safety, Near Miss and Incident Re-creation.

Benefits of factory safety videos as opposed to manuals or audio recordings

Clarity Let’s start with the most important benefit of videos: They may simply be more  effective at keeping people safe. Because videos incorporate both visual and verbal  messages, they may help people retain the hazards and important protection  requirements for a longer time duration.  

Consistency Another benefit of using safety videos is that they can be delivered the same  way, every time. While conducting the safety tours or presentations, the team leader might  inadvertently skip important points. Also, the tone or emphasis of the safety information  might change based on who is giving the presentation. Factory safety Videos eliminate those  problems. It is well thought, takes care of all points, in a consistent manner. It helps you  address the complexity of the situations in an easier style. It also sets your business identity and  culture for the outsiders.  

Convenience for Visitors Visitor safety videos are typically viewed on-site when the visitor  arrives at the factory. However, thanks to web-based digital tools, there’s no reason your  visitors can’t have access to the safety training videos in advance. 

Convenience for Staff Giving tours and safety presentations is a time-consuming,  repetitive task that your staff is often happy to outsource. But, employees can also  be encouraged to take turns to give a safety tour to benefit the factory as a whole. Safety experts will still be necessary, of course, to answer questions or go in-depth  for any areas that the visitor wants to explore.  

Compliance – Most company leaders know the importance of training all employees  and contractors on safety protocols before they start working on site. Your company  isn’t just responsible for workers; also for the safety of anyone who steps onto your  factory floor, including visitors. Ignoring safety protocols can lead to physical injury, or machine failure of various  kinds which will affect production, time delays and financial problems. Your  manufacturing company can get hit with big fines for perceived safety oversights or  failures to keep workers safe, even if no accident has occurred as a result. 

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