Why You Need A Corporate Video

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Corporate Video

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re at least thinking about making a corporate video. Great decision – you’re already on the right route! But what exactly is the point of a corporate video, and why should you spend any time?

Consumers raised their online video consumption by 96% in 2020, and 9 out of 10 viewers indicated they wanted to see more videos from brands and organizations. By 2022, it is expected that the average person will spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. That’s why an excellent corporate video should be at least one stake in the ground for your firm. We’re not talking about Hollywood blockbusters here; we’re talking about engaging and professional videos that convey your narrative and demonstrate to customers that your business is led by genuine, dedicated professionals.

Building Brand Awareness with Corporate Video

The phrase “corporate video” is a bit broad. However, the main goal of a corporate video is to raise awareness of your company, its goods, and services. This is the foundation of any marketing strategy, but video is particularly adept at achieving this goal. ‘Company video’ is another term for ‘corporate video.’ They mean the same thing, but ‘company video’ may imply a larger picture of the entire organization. The aim and substance of a corporate video will determine how and where it is used. Posting a corporate video on social media is a terrific way to increase brand recognition. Short edits of full-length videos are used as social media-friendly videos, giving users a preview of your company’s important aspects and perks.

Then, ideally, you’d post the full-length video on your website, with a link leading people to it. Importantly, this is also where potential consumers can learn more about you and, perhaps, make a purchase. As a result, according to the trends and demands of the internet market, corporate video production has become a must for businesses marketing strategy.  

Corporate Videos Help Improve your Conversion Rate

It’s been a well-known truth that video may enhance company conversion rates since it became the most popular medium online. The fact that using video on a website landing page may improve conversions by up to 80% is incredible! If you get your corporate video just perfect, your conversion rates might skyrocket. Another important function of a corporate video is to educate employees. But what exactly do we mean when we say “getting it right”?

Corporate Video Conversion Rate

We’re talking about the content of your video, its quality, and where you put it. Take, for example, product videos. Product videos highlight the characteristics and benefits of a product you’re selling. As a result, they may be most effective on the page where your buyer may purchase it. Consider the following scenario: a potential buyer has just finished watching an interesting and motivating video about your product. They want to learn more and even buy something. If you make sure the ‘Add to Cart’ button is within easy access…Bingo!

Building Confidence and Trust Using Corporate Video

What is it about videos that makes them so effective in increasing conversion rates? Because they contribute to the development of confidence and hope in you as a company, as well as confidence in the concept that your goods are a worthwhile and useful buy. A corporate video can also be used to do this. Businesses must be able to sell through a website in a world where consumers are buying more online than ever before. However, the absence of human connection that you would get if you went to a store creates a risk. You may be an unknown entity to the consumer. They can’t see you, and they can’t pick up, touch, or test out your things since they can’t see you. Can people put their faith in your brand? Video creation, on the other hand, can aid in the development of trust. Viewers may see a corporate video as more transparent than words and visuals. Why? Because you can’t conceal your flaws as readily, but more significantly, it allows you to highlight your advantages.

Corporate Video Helps in Social Media Visibility

Video content is preferred by social media users over any other medium because it is high-quality yet consumable, short but educational. It’s the ideal solution to people’s desire to scroll, as well as their desire for flashy, new, and engaging information. As a result, social media users are more inclined to engage with and share video content. Shares are the most effective way for people to interact with your content. This is because you know that sharing your material will ensure that it gets seen by a large number of people. Everyone who shares your video has their own set of followers, who each have their own set of followers — you get the idea.

Furthermore, while YouTube may be considered a search engine in its own right (it is the second most visited website after Google), it is also a social networking platform. What’s more, guess what? Every second of every day, MILLIONS of people visit YouTube. Because of YouTube’s inescapable popularity, you should post your corporate videos there as well. People consider YouTube to be the default search engine, so they may go to YouTube to discover your video after seeing it on your website. Make sure it’s easy to discover, see, and interact with.

Social Media Visibility

Corporate Video Helps in Search Engine Visibility

This is the most important nut to crack in order to expand your business online. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of refining and developing your web content in order to improve its ranking in search engine results. Does it appear to be difficult? It can be, but that’s mainly due to how long it takes to change your search engine ranking. Video, on the other hand, can help speed up the SEO process. Google adores video content, to the point where it frequently prioritises it in search results for popular queries. As a result, make sure your homepage includes a video.

Overall, corporate videos serve as a bridge between two worlds. It lets your viewers watch a product in action while also getting a sense of who you are as a company. Now that you know what a corporate video is for, there’s no way to argue that it won’t help your company.

                            It’s time to think beyond the box.