What Is Content Marketing Videos

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What Exactly Is a Content Marketing Video?

Content marketing video, or video marketing, is a method of digital marketing that utilizes video content in order to engage viewers and promote your brand. Video content marketing is the newest and extremely effective marketing strategy that adopts the principle of producing and sharing relevant and consistent video content for your targeted group to acquire interesting, fascinating, and qualified leads.

The production of content that is educational slash informative in nature has been moulded in the past two years with various visual aspects the online distribution has given it super speed in terms of reach. The goal of this content is to convert online content consumers into prospects/customers. And also to provide enough information to current customers and convince them to become repeat buyers.

  • Why are video watching rates so high?
  • What are the statistics telling us?
  • How do we benefit from such massive engagement?

A video has the potential to help your prospects and customers understand your business and create a ground for future promotions. If you want your video content marketing to deliver results, then you need to take a calculated approach to it.

Storytelling happens Via Video. Consumers now are more connected to a brand if they feel like their lives will change once they use it. Connect with them emotionally, that’s the key. Because videos are a mixture of visuals, motion, and sounds, they allow you to create deep and more meaningful connections with people — while positioning your brand in the best possible way. Stories that you as a marketer can leverage to create powerful impressions and long-lasting relationships. Stories that simply deliver.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing Video

1. More Conversions

When it comes to running a digital marketing campaign, the ultimate metric that matters is the conversion rate. By implementing video, you will be able to generate more sales with your content strategy. If you’re not converting your prospects into leads or customers, your business isn’t growing, then the effort gets wasted.

With the help of a proper content marketing video funnel, you will be able to :

  • Create more awareness among your target audience about your product or service while creating a positive impression on them. As awareness increases, your brand will slowly gain trust.

  • In your content marketing videos stay focussed on the problem and the solutions you offer, clearly explaining the benefits of using your product and educating your audience.

  • Once you help your prospective buyers understand how your product/service can make their life easier or better, you will automatically stand out from the competition. Presenting yourself at the right time at the right place will thereby make it easy for prospects to reach a buying decision and do business with you. This is the final stage of the funnel where you can expect to actually close the sale.

2. Better Emotional Connection

One of the strongest reasons “why” people like sharing videos, is that people connect to the right video content on an emotional level. A better emotional connection stays for way longer with your audience. If you are smart enough to keep the emotional feed continuum, it encourages repeat buying. Get to the next level, motivate your followers/customers to share and re-share your video content, maybe even add a discount or freebie for referring and roping in new customers.

3. Higher Accessibility

Video production activity has also evolved because of its mass acceptance and consumption. It is no longer the difficult task as it used to be a few years ago. You do not need to spend a ton of time on creating a video or have a huge budget to achieve studio-level quality. Rather, the more creative and innovative you can get, the more welcome it receives. On the other hand, if your brand and image shouts simplicity, that will also be lapped up as long as it has the ability to connect on the intellectual and/or emotional levels.

4. Stronger Engagement Levels

The visual content has been working great when it comes to engaging your target audience. Content that is visually appealing and engrossing will always be more welcome than plain content.  It is not limited to pictures or photographs, rather has become an amalgamation of infographics, animation, live shoots, designer video content, music and caption video – the audience is willing to embrace all new styles. 

Your brand’s personality, look, and design matter to a great extent in keeping consistency high. For example, if you are creating videos with people in them, then keep using the same cast so that your viewers see faces they’re already familiar with. Establish your brand authority and the lured customers will be eagerly waiting for your next announcement. They’ll start to demand to see content from you on a scheduled basis like TV programs. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

5. Easier SEO Results

Do content marketing videos have an impact on SEO? Can videos actually help you rank higher in the search engines for keywords that are hard to rank for? The answer is yes, given that you’re doing it right.

In the article Digital Marketing & the Impact of Video, it is stated that an optimised video increases the chance of your brand being on the front page of a Google search engine result by 53 times! Undoubtedly, YouTube is the most effective channel for most video content marketers.70% of marketers publish their videos on YouTube. 35% of marketers think YouTube provides the best returns on their investment.

And never forget, when these videos are created, be careful to share them with diversified channels to give them the best opportunity of ranking higher. For example, posting videos on Facebook is an excellent way to get your content viewed by more people. Also, different platforms have people from various age groups using them. Go ahead and share these videos on your website and other social media platforms set the links connecting your various platforms, so that the audience gets captured from all.

How Marketers Are Using Video?

Allow us to throw in extra tips, at the risk of being repetitive

Tip1 – Consistency counts! Consistency plays a big role in making your video stand out from the competition. Why? Because videos are visual, which means you’re not limited in how you present the content. With every video you create, you can help your viewers resonate with your message by being consistent. For example, if your videos only have a voice-over, see to it that the colours and the design in the video you use stay consistent.

You may also want to plan your video content well in advance (create a video content calendar) to make sure you’re consistent with timing as well.

Tip 2– Always Add a Call to Action. Businesswise, if you’re investing in video marketing, then you need measurable results.Having a clear CTA makes real business sense and it should not be ignored. We have a complete article about the what and how and the importance of call to action. Please check it here.

Also without boasting , we are good at creating content marketing videos. An agency (like ours) will also help you with prominent placement on your intranet and internet pages, and advice on timely sharing on corporate social media channels. Connect with us for a free consultation at